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Horticulture in a Mediterranean Garden

Science & Conservation

Our Plants

The Gibraltar Botanic Gardens specialise in species from Mediterranean and arid habitats. Our collections are carefully documented and managed for scientific and conservation purposes, with those of succulent plants being particularly extensive. We also keep ex situ collections of the special plants of Gibraltar and have introduced some of these endemics and near-endemics to cultivation around the Rock. 

The Gibraltar Botanic Gardens regularly participate in conservation work in Gibraltar and, working with the Gibraltar Ornithological & Natural History Society (GONHS), played an instrumental role in the rediscovery and subsequent propagation of the endemic Gibraltar Campion Silene tomentosa.  We research terrestrial ecology in Gibraltar and succulent plants globally. Our online guide to the flora of Gibraltar is available here.

Our work always aims to achieve best practice in horticulture. We have a hard-working team that strives towards a sustainable, environmentally friendly garden. The use of pesticides and herbicides is kept to an absolute minimum, making the gardens a haven for wildlife.